Tatiana Mamola graduated from the University of Florida in the Spring of 2016 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education and Behavior. Throughout her life she has competed in numerous sports such as swimming, track, rowing, water polo, weightlifting and CrossFit. As an athlete she knows how important hard work and dedication are in order to achieve your goals. As someone who has been all across the board (from super fit, to gaining 30 lbs, then losing it again) she understands how difficult it can be to get back into working out and losing weight. Using her Health Education background, Tatiana believes in incorporating all 6 dimensions of health and wellness in order to be completely healthy.

“I believe that mental and emotional health are just as important as our physical health. If we don’t have all areas of our health in check, we can’t truly be happy.”

 -Tatiana Mamola

Along with personal training, Tatiana is also the Head Age Group coach for the Wellington Swim team. She is in charge of writing and running the daily swim workouts as well as cross training for the team. This experience as well as her experience interning as the Health Education Intern at the Kids Cancer Foundation has given her the background knowledge to train children as well. Tatiana loves working with children and believes that starting healthy habits at a young age makes all the difference.